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Grannies Travel Around the World

Ellie Hamby and Sandy Hazelip, who have been best friends for decades, decided to celebrate their 80th birthdays by traveling around the world in 80 days. The pandemic forced the grandmothers to push their plans off until their 81st birthday, but they were committed to the cause. Hamby and Hazelip started the trip off strong in Antarctica, and ended up traveling to places like Egypt, India, Japan, Rome, Zanzibar, London, and the North Pole. The octogenarians started posting about their travels on TikTok, where they amassed a huge following of supporters. They saw the Northern Lights, rode camels, and tried all sorts of new foods before landing stateside exactly 80 days after they departed. The pals hope their adventure shows others that it’s never too late to see the world while having fun with your friends.

Image via NBC5

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