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World’s Largest Wildlife Overpass

Los Angeles residents often spot a lone mountain lion, named P-22, roaming neighborhoods near Griffith Park. P-22 is trapped in the area by L.A. freeways, which prevents him from finding a mate and limits his access to resources. The National Wildlife Federation came up with a plan to build a wildlife overpass in the area, but funding the project was an issue. Thankfully, P-22 frequents swanky areas and has built up a fanbase of stars who are eager to keep him safe. Celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Rainn Wilson, and Barbara Streisand contributed to the Wallis Annenberg Wildlife Crossing, which will be the largest wildlife overpass in the world when it opens in two years. The corridor will allow for wildlife, including P-22, to safely cross over L.A. freeways— expanding their habitats and protecting them from danger.

Image via National Wildlife Federation

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