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Marathoner Rescues Kitten

Sarah Bohan was on track to set a personal record at the Chicago Marathon when she spotted a tiny stray kitten on the side of the road around the 21st mile mark. Bohan, a cat owner who was running with Team PAWS Chicago, decided to forgo her personal record to save the kitten. She walked with the white fluff-ball in her arms for about a mile, until she crossed paths with spectator Andrea Maldonado. Bohan handed off the kitten to Maldonado, who knew she could provide a safe, loving home for the kitten. Bohan went on to complete the race, and shared the incredible story with the rest of her PAWS Chicago team. PAWS reached out to the good samaritan to offer free medical exams to the kitten, who received a clean bill of health. Maldonado decided to name the kitty Casper because of a ghost-shaped marking on his back. Casper is settling in nicely with his new family, which includes a dog, two cats, and a 4 month old baby boy.

Image via Gia Nigro

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