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Triplet Cheetah Cubs Born

An Asiatic cheetah gave birth to triplet cubs at the Asian Cheetah Breeding Center of the Turan Biosphere Reserve in Tehran. The birth marks the first occurrence of the species reproducing in captivity. Asiatic cheetahs are extremely endangered, with an estimated 12 remaining in the wild, making this birth a historic event for the species. The mother cheetah, named Iran, lost one of her cubs shortly after birth due to health issues, but is now caring for her two male cubs. Iran was rescued from wildlife traffickers when she was 8 months old and has lived on the reserve ever since. Iran was introduced to a male Asiatic cheetah named Firouz last year, whom she mated with. Since Asiatic cheetahs are on the brink of extinction, their newfound ability to reproduce in captivity is vital to the survival of the species.

Image via Iranian Cheetah Society

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