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Teenage Animator’s Success

14 year-old Preston Mutanga has always been interested in animation, and has been honing his craft by creating computer-generated Lego videos. Mutanga made an animated Lego trailer for the recently released film “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse” and released it online. The trailer caught the attention of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, who wrote and produced the latest Spiderman hit. Lord and Miller were blown away by the trailer and reached out to Mutanga to hire him to animate a scene in the film that utilized Legos. The teen worked on his animations after finishing his homework and was able to get feedback from other animators working on the film. Mutanga’s scene made it into the movie’s final cut, and the young animator is thrilled that Lord and Miller took a chance on him for his very first professional venture.

Image via The New York Times

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