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Tackling the Anxiety Crisis

Medical experts have announced a first of its kind recommendation: that adults ages 19-64 get routinely screened for anxiety. The U.S. Preventative Services Task Force released the recommendation in the Journal of the American Medical Association after studying the causes of increased anxiety in recent years. 31% of American adults experience an anxiety disorder, but many wait years before seeking treatment. With this recommendation, health care professionals are encouraged to screen for anxiety in annual check-ups to help with early detection and intervention. Screenings consist of patients filling out a questionnaire that asks about feelings of nervousness and how often they are fearful, among other anxiety-focused topics. Doctors can go over results with patients and make proper referrals for mental health professionals if necessary. The Task Force’s recommendation is a big step in addressing the country’s mental health crisis and has been well received among health care professionals.

Image via Katie Couric Media

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