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Thrifter Finds Picasso

Nancy Cavaliere is a self-proclaimed thrift shopping expert, and she came across the find of a lifetime while browsing her local New York City thrift store. A set of four china plates that were painted like faces caught her eye, and she decided to purchase them at a price of $1.99 per plate. Next to the price sticker, Cavaliere saw a distinctive name written in black ink on the plates— “Picasso”. Cavaliere ran home with her new dishware to do some research, and discovered that the plates were part of a set of ceramics that Picasso created from 1947-1971. After having the plates examined by experts, she decided to sell them at an auction. Each individual plate ended up selling for upwards of $12,000, making this Cavaliere’s most lucrative thrift haul to date.

Image via Nancy Cavaliere

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