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Same Sex Penguin Couple

Did you know that sometimes penguin couples accidentally harm their egg by fighting over who should take care of it? That unfortunate reality was the case for a penguin couple at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse, New York. Poquita and Vente hatched an egg that they couldn’t care for, so the zoo decided to give the egg to a different couple, Elmer and Lima, who stepped up as penguin foster parents. Elmer and Lima are both male Humboldt penguins and became a couple in fall 2021. Penguins at this zoo can choose their own mates, and Elmer and Lima took to each other immediately. Though they are not the first same-sex penguin couple in the world, it’s certainly a rare occurrence and is the first to happen at this zoo. Elmer and Lima took on their new role as dads very seriously and built a nest for the egg, protected it from harm, and kept it warm throughout the night. Their chick, a baby boy, recently hatched and is continuing to be raised by the proud dads.

Image via CNN Travel

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