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52 World Records in 52 Weeks

David Rush holds over 200 Guinness World Records, his latest accomplishment being breaking a Guinness World Record once a week for a whole year. That’s right– he broke 52 records in 52 weeks. Rush documented some of his record-breaking moments on YouTube, and claims he started the daunting year-long task to encourage kids to pursue STEM careers. As a STEM professional himself, Rush wanted to show kids that they shouldn’t be afraid to back down from a challenge, whether it’s setting the record for fastest 100m dash while juggling blindfolded, or pursuing engineering. Some of Rush’s other records include most t-shirts put on in 30 seconds, most kiwifruits sliced per minute with a sword while on an exercise ball, fastest time bursting 10 balloons, and most grapes caught in his mouth while juggling three objects. Is there another award for most creative records broken?

Image via Jennifer Rush

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