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Restoring Fire Damaged Jewelry

The Maui wildfires wiped out homes and entire communities, taking people’s personal treasures with it. No Ka ‘Oi Jewelers knows that jewelry is some of the most sentimental items people can have, and they started offering free restoration services to fix jewelry damaged in the fire. Store owner Omi Chamdi has paid out of pocket for the restoration of over 150 pieces of jewelry so far, with another 300 waiting to be fixed. For some wildfire victims, jewelry is the only thing they were able to salvage from the wreckage of their homes. Everything from wedding rings to lockets have come across Chamdi’s desk, and No Ka ‘Oi handles each item as if it was their own heirloom. The restored jewelry serves as a cherished piece of family history for these wildfire victims, and Chamdi is proud to play a small role in helping Maui residents rebuild their lives and move forward. 

Image via NPR

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