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Immortal Jellyfish Secrets

Scientists in Spain have been focused on a particular species of jellyfish, called T. dohrnii, that is capable of reverting back to being a juvenile jellyfish. In other words, the species is immortal and can return to youth. T. dohrnii has genome variations that make it better at repairing DNA and also excels at maintaining the ends of chromosomes, which help with the aging process. DNA repairs and chromosome maintenance both become more difficult for humans as we age, so there is a lot for us to learn from these jellyfish. Though other jellyfish species have the ability to reverse age, T. dohrnii is the only one who has the capacity to do this after reaching sexual maturity. It’s unclear what these genetic findings will mean for humans interested in maintaining their youth, but a whole new world of study has been opened for scientists because of these special jellies.

Image via Charles Platiau / Reuters

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