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Long Lost Brothers Reunited

After spending 77 years apart, Geoff Nobbs reunited with his older brothers, Ted and Barry. When the boys’ mother passed away in 1945, Geoff was only 1 and his father decided to give him up for adoption to have a better shot at a good life. Geoff was adopted by a family in Australia, moving 10,000 miles away from his brothers in England. Geoff, who is now 79, had a happy life in Australia, ending up with eight children and many grandchildren. Ted and Barry did many fruitless searches over the years to find Geoff, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that Geoff reached out to Barry in a letter. The brothers planned to meet for Ted’s 80th birthday, but COVID unfortunately threw a wrench in their travel plans. It wasn’t until recently that Ted was finally able to hop on a 22-hour flight to Sydney to reunite with Geoff. Barry was sadly too ill to make the long journey, but participated in the reunion via video call. The brothers are so happy to be back in each other’s lives and are planning more trips to visit each other’s families.

Image via SWNS

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