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Edinburgh’s Street Stitchers

After learning about the harm textile production has on the environment, Edinburgh resident Mary Morton decided to forgo purchasing any new items of clothing for the past five years. Instead, the 67-year-old wears, repairs, and redesigns items that she already owns. In an effort to get more people on board with reducing their consumption of clothing, Morton offers free clothing repairs to the people of Edinburgh. She’s built up a group of about 50 other “street stitchers”, who offer all sorts of clothing repairs to people free of charge. Whether someone needs a button replaced, a hole sewn up, a zipper fixed, or anything in between, Morton and her street stitchers can help. Morton can often be found sitting in a park or on pedestrian streets with a banner that reads “stitch it, don’t ditch it”, and people stop by throughout the day to have their items mended by the eco-conscious grandmother. 

Image via BBC

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