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Running With Shelter Dogs

Many dogs in animal shelters often struggle to get adopted because their lack of socialization leads to behavioral issues. 27-year-old Wesley Swainston visits shelters in his Jacksonville, North Carolina, neighborhood after work to take dogs on a run with him. Swainston is an active duty Marine, and he runs with the shelter dogs to stay in shape and help the animals find forever homes. When dogs are trapped in cages all day, they are full of anxious energy that makes them lash out when visitors come to the shelter seeking a pet to adopt. After running with Swainston, the dogs are more comfortable being around humans, their energy levels are much more manageable, and they get a chance to explore the world outside the confines of a shelter. Swainston also posts his running buddies on social media to help get the word out about the adoptable dogs and to encourage people to spend time at their local shelters. 

Image via @forthedogs

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