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Woman Wakes From Five Year Coma

After barely surviving a car accident in 2017, then 35-year-old Jennifer Flewellen was put into a medically induced coma and remained in a persistent vegetative state. Despite doctors claiming that odds of recovery were slim, Flewellen’s mother, husband, and three sons never gave up hope. Flewellen’s mother, Peggy Means, visited her every day at the long-term care facility where she resided. In August 2022, Means was wheeling Flewellen on their daily walk outside when suddenly, Flewellen started laughing in response to a joke Means made. In the days that followed, Flewellen started answering yes and no questions with nods and was alert for longer stretches of time. After months of speech and physical therapy, Flewellen is defying the odds by learning to talk and walk again. After five years of being in a coma, Flewellen is now living at home with her family, attending her sons’ sports games, and working hard at improving motor skills everyday. 

Image via ABC News

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