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UK’s First Black Female Michelin Chef

Adejoké Bakare secured a Michelin star for her restaurant Chishuru, which specializes in Nigerian cuisine from the Hausa, Yoruba, and Igbo ethnic groups. Bakare is the first black woman in the UK to receive the coveted accolade, and only the second black woman in history to do so. Bakare started cooking while growing up in Nigeria, and even ran a fish and chips cart while studying at university. Eventually, her passion for culinary arts took her to London, where Chishuru can be found. Many of the recipes are reminiscent of Bakare’s childhood in Nigeria, and her goal is to present food her grandmother would be proud of. Bakare is increasing representation for women and minority ethnic groups in the culinary world, and she hopes that the Michelin star will bring some well-deserved attention to West African cuisine. 

Image via Positive News

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