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Uber Driver Hailed A Hero

Fritz Sam was driving an Uber passenger, Jemimah Wei, to LaGuardia Airport in New York when he passed a shocking sight in Brooklyn: a burning building. The 54-year-old asked Wei’s permission to pull over and immediately jumped into action. Sam heard from other bystanders that people were still in the building, and the Uber driver ran inside to save a man and woman who were hesitant to leave. Firefighters then arrived at the scene and assured Sam that they had it handled. Sam hopped back in his car, where his Uber passenger was patiently waiting, and continued the ride to LaGuardia. Wei made it to her flight on time despite the wild detour and claims her gracious driver was even apologetic for smelling like smoke. Sam’s rating better be five stars after that journey!

Image via Jemimah Wei

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