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Raising Money for Adoption

Back in 2017, Jimmy Amisial traveled to Haiti to visit family members. While there, he came across a four month old baby in a pile of trash and covered in fire ants. No one around wanted to help the baby because they thought he was cursed. Amisial took the baby home and cleaned him up. Haitian officials asked Amisial if he wanted to become the baby’s legal guardian, and he said yes despite being a college student at the time. Emilio Angel Jeremiah is still living in Haiti with Amisial’s mother, and Amisial travels back and forth to spend time with his son. Amisial organized an online fundraiser to finalize his adoption of now four-year-old Emilio. He hopes to bring his son to the United States to live with him as soon as possible. Any leftover money will be used to help Amisial finish his studies, fund Emilio’s life, and help orphanages in Haiti. Donate here!

Image via Amisial family

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