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Solving the Mystery Egg Message

John Amalfitano has always loved collecting old knick-knacks, and his most bizarre item is a chicken egg that was gifted to him by a neighbor. The egg is dated April 2, 1951 and has a message written on it stating, “Whoever gets this egg, please write. From, Mary Foss. Forest City, Iowa.” 20 years after receiving the gift, Amalfitano posted photos of it on the “Weird and Wonderful Secondhand Finds” Facebook page, which has 3 million members. In less than a day, the group’s members tracked down Mary Foss, who is now 92 years old. Foss says she worked at an egg packing facility as a teenager, where she wrote on the egg in the hopes of finding a friend in a far away place. Foss and Amalfitano connected on a video call so she could see the egg once again. When later asked if Foss would like to meet Amalfitano in person, she joked, “I have no desire to meet the guy. He’s got his problems, keeping an egg that long.”

Image via CBS News

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