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Giant Tortoise Seeks a Home

A giant tortoise named Frank the Tank is looking for a new home after being abandoned in a garden in Richmond, British Columbia. Shelley Smith was outside her farmhouse when she noticed something moving around in her spinach patch, where she discovered Frank the Tank. The local animal shelter placed Frank, who is described as being “bigger than the platter you’d use to serve 24 people a Thanksgiving turkey”, with a foster family while he seeks his forever home. Though many people have applied to adopt Frank, the animal shelter has yet to find someone who can meet his specific needs. Frank the Tank needs access to large outdoor spaces in the summer and warm spaces in the winter, and his future family has to be ready for a long-term commitment since the giant tortoise is expected to live for another 100 years. Frank’s foster family is willing to take care of him for as long as it takes to find the perfect home for the 35 pound reptile.

Image via The Guardian

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