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Retiree Helps Neighbors

When 64-year-old Lyn Story was perusing the community app Nextdoor one day, she came across a post from 46-year-old Apryl Goodwin asking for help finding transportation to her uterine cancer treatment appointments. As a retiree, the Fort Worth, Texas resident had a lot of free time on her hands and offered to drive Goodwin to and from her appointments. They spent countless hours driving together and formed a sincere friendship in the process. A few months after meeting Goodwin, Story found another Nextdoor user in need of help— a legally blind man who Story now drives to and from work so that he could keep his job. Story likes to think of herself as the neighborhood’s “bad weather friend” who is there to assist in times of trouble, and is happy to help out her community without expecting anything in return. 

Image via CBS News

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