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Brothers Solving Cold Cases

Brothers John Martin and Mike Sullivan decided to combine their shared interests in true crime and diving to solve cold cases in their home state of Florida. Their organization Sunshine State Sonar has discovered the remains of 11 missing people and 350 cars in Florida waterways over the last two years, providing answers to families mourning missing loved ones. The brothers have always been interested in true crime, and learned about volunteer dive teams finding missing people in other states on YouTube. Eager to tackle Florida’s long list of cold cases, Martin and Sullivan got certified as scuba divers and learned how to use sonar technology to locate underwater objects. They now comb through newspaper archives, police records, maps, and learn all they can about missing people and where they may be. As underwater detectives, the brothers spend their free time diving into crime scenes to search for clues. Although Sunshine State Sonar is just a side hustle and passion project for Martin and Sullivan, they are dedicated to solving as many mysteries as possible and hope to make this their full-time gig eventually. 

Image via Tampa Bay Times 

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