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Antarctic Ship Honors Pets

The British Antarctic Survey’s ship the RRS Sir David Attenborough set off in October for a six month long journey to Antarctica to close down a research base. The expedition has been difficult for the researchers on board in many ways— they are away from loved ones, are living in harsh conditions, and have access to limited resources. In an effort to boost morale on the vessel, passengers created a “Pets’ Corner” where everyone printed out photos of their treasured animals who are waiting for them at home. Images of dogs, cats, tortoises, and more can be found in Pets’ Corner, and the area has provided comfort to those missing home. Shipmates have bonded over their love of animals, shared stories about their pets, and found joy in viewing the adorable photos on the wall. As ship staffer Katie Grant said, “It’s almost like our pets are traveling with us.” 

Image via BBC

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