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Profiling Women on Wikipedia

UK academic Lucy Moore recently completed a challenge she began in 2021 to create a Wikipedia page for at least one woman from every country in the world. Moore was shocked to learn that less than 20% of biographies on Wikipedia are about women, and vowed to change that statistic when she became a Wikipedia editor five years ago. To select women to profile, Moore researched those who shared her interests—writers, humanitarians, activists, and specialists in unique fields. Some of the women Moore wrote about included Gloria Meneses— a transgender performer from Uruguay, Jeanne Gapiya Niyonzima— a human rights activist in Burundi, and Julia Chinn— an American slave who was the common-law wife of previous U.S. vice president Richard Johnson. Over the course of her project, Moore has written over 500 biographies of women from around the world, helping to share stories from underrepresented nations in the process. 

Image via The Guardian

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