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Nigerian Climate Cafe Inspires Activism

Increased flooding and sharp rises in temperature are just some of the severe consequences Nigeria has faced as a result of the ongoing climate crisis. Education about conservation is pivotal in making a tangible difference, but only one out of three Nigerians have heard about climate change. Activist Jennifer Uchendu launched a “climate cafe” to create a safe space for people to learn about sustainability and share their concerns about how climate change is affecting them. Uchendu hopes that the first-of-its-kind cafe will make sustainability a more common topic of conversation amongst Nigerians, which will ultimately create more solutions to the challenges they face. Eco-anxiety is a major issue in the area, and the climate cafe has given Nigerians the opportunity to speak freely about their concerns, connect with one another, and learn how to quell their fears. Visitors of the climate cafe say the conversations inspire them to integrate more sustainable practices and they feel encouraged to continue the conversation with others. 

Image via Positive News

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