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Preschoolers Help Dementia Patients

A new intergenerational care facility recently opened in Northwest England, built on the idea that community and friendship don't have to be defined by age. The state-of-the-art facility, called Belong, is an independent care home that houses 400 dementia patients. Belong also has a preschool on-site, where nursery-aged children in the area come to learn, play, and spend time with the residents. Stimulating conversation and learning are critical in delaying the progression of dementia, and the kids at Belong’s preschool help residents keep their minds and bodies active by reading books, coloring, dancing, and talking about life. The unique community challenges the idea of what elderly care should look like, and encourages a fun, playful, and joyous living environment where everyone from kids to dementia patients can thrive.

Image via Good News Network

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