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Octopus Species Discovered

Marine scientists at The Schmidt Ocean Institute completed a historic expedition in the seas of Costa Rica, discovering four new octopus species. The species were discovered living in an octopus hatchery on hydrothermal vents, found two miles below sea level in an area called El Dorado Hill. One of the discovered species, which has biological similarities to octopus species in California, has been named the Dorado octopus. One of the species has a single row of suckers per tentacle, which has never been seen on an octopus before. Deep-sea biologists and invertebrate researchers are in the process of determining how these species developed, what makes them unique, and how they ended up in El Dorado Hill. The discovery of the never-before-seen octopus species proves that there is still much to learn about marine life and deep-sea ecosystem. 

Image via Good News Network 

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