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Pig Statues Uplift Martin County

Martin County in Minnesota has unveiled a unique and artistic plan to attract visitors to the area: pig statues. The county is known as the pork capital of the state, which is a point of pride for residents. Businesses around the county solicited Minnesotan artists to paint 400-pound concrete pig statues that promote local stores and bring tourism to the community. Over seventy pigs can be found around Martin County, each with a QR code to learn more about the business it resides in front of. The Fairmont Opera House has a pig wearing a “Phantom of the Opera” mask, El Agave Mexican Restaurant has a day of the dead pig, and a movie theater has a Greta Garbo pig. The statues, which have various punny pig names, have brought attention to small towns in Minnesota, given business to local artists, and sparked joy for residents and tourists alike.

Image via CBS News

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