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Grandpa’s Comic YouTube

Craig Hansen has been a fan of comics throughout his life and used to spend every Sunday night reading the weekly comics to his grandchildren over dinner. When the pandemic hit, Hansen couldn’t see his grandchildren as frequently and decided to start a YouTube channel called “Grandpa Reads the Comics” to continue reading the weekly comics to his family. Hansen puts a lot of thought into his posts by including costumes, dances, and positive messages, but they unfortunately didn’t get much online traction. Until influencer Cole Caetano stepped in, that is. Caetano highlights small creators on his account, and decided to share “Grandpa Reads the Comics” with his followers after watching dozens of the adorable videos. Hansen started gaining more and more followers, eventually becoming a social media sensation with over half a million followers on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Watch his videos here!

Image via YouTube

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