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NASA Looking For Martians

NASA is recruiting individuals to spend 378 days living inside a Mars simulator. The 3D-printed habitat, called Mars Dune Alpha, is a replica of the living conditions astronauts would face on Mars. The experiment takes place at the Johnson Space Center in Texas and will determine what further research and resources are necessary to send humans to Mars for the first time. The program begins in spring of 2025, and NASA is looking for four “Martians” who are interested in residing in the 1,700 square foot facility and contributing to the goal of getting humans to Mars. Applicants need to be healthy US citizens between 30-55 years old who are proficient in English and have a master’s degree in a STEM field, among other qualifications. The chosen Martians will have to undergo various psychological, medical, and physical tests before stepping foot in Mars Dune Alpha. 

Image via CNN

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