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Adopting a Grandmother

Nina Peterson struggled during her first months as a new mom after giving birth to her daughter Millie, as her family lives far away and her partner has no living relatives. In an effort to create her own “village” to raise baby Millie, Peterson reached out to her Gold Coast, Australia community to ask if anyone wanted to be an adoptive grandmother for her family. The response to Peterson’s call for help was overwhelming, with tons of older women in the area offering their support. Peterson formed a bond with 61-year-old Christine Arnott, who was eager to become a grandmother and told Peterson that she has “an unlimited supply of love to give” to young Millie. Grandma Christine now takes Millie on walks through the park, comes to the Peterson home for playdates, and shares parenting and life advice with Peterson and her partner. Their unique family dynamic has been beneficial to all involved, and Peterson is incredibly grateful that Grandma Christine stepped up to be an adoptive grandmother to Millie. 

Image via ABC AU News

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