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Man’s Coma Leads to New Career

In 2004, Moe Hunter went into a coma for over a month due to complications from tuberculosis and bacterial meningitis in the brain. When Hunter woke up, he had no memory of his life up until that point, but instead had a new set of artistic skills. To the shock of his doctors and family, Hunter became extremely creative following his coma and had impressive drawing and painting skills that he didn’t previously have. Friends used to tease Hunter for his poor drawing abilities, and suddenly he was making professional-grade sketches. Now, the 38-year-old works as a professional carpenter and his artwork has been sold at Comic Con events around England. Doctors still haven’t been able to give Hunter an answer as to how his coma led to artistic talent, but Hunter is simply happy to be healthy and grateful for his unique skills.

Image via @moethemaker on Instagram

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