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Mammoth Bones Found in Wine Cellar

When Andreas Pernerstorfer decided to renovate the wine cellar in the basement of his Vienna, Austria, home, he never expected to come across an archeological treasure hidden beneath his home. Hundreds of mammoth bones estimated to be around 35,000 years old were discovered beneath the concrete flooring of the wine cellar. Pernerstorfer originally thought the bones were scraps of wood embedded in the ground, but upon further inspection realized they were bones. The Austrian Academy of Sciences then stepped in to excavate and examine the findings. Archeologists believe that the 300 bones come from three mammoths, and the collection of bones forms almost complete animal skeletons for all of them. This is the first time in over 100 years that mammoth bones have been discovered in Austria, and archeologists are excited to continue their research on Pernerstorfer’s property. 

Image via CNN

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