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Grandmother’s 17-Hour Swim

55-year-old Amy Gubser became the first person to complete the aquatic journey from San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge to the Farallon Islands without a wetsuit. The grandmother of two swam through shark and jellyfish infested waters for 17 hours along the Northern California coast. A boat trailed behind Gubser in case of emergency, but she was not allowed to touch the boat to assist her swim. Guber competitively swam when she was in college, but took a break for nearly 25 years before venturing into the ocean again. She spent the last five years training for this specific trek, and taught herself to enter a meditative state during her long swims. After hours of enduring jellyfish stings and 46 degree water temperatures with no wetsuit protection, Gubser finally reached the finish line at the Farallon Islands. 

Image via Instagram

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