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LA County’s Unique Letter

Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control received a unique request from a young resident named Madeline. Madeline asked for approval to have a pet unicorn in her backyard and requested a letter in response. The county sent back a letter giving Madeline permission to have a unicorn if she can find one, and outlined various requirements for owning the mystical creature. According to the agency, Madeline must give her unicorn regular access to sunlight, moonbeans, and rainbows, and give the unicorn its favorite food of watermelon at least once per week. Additionally, all sparkles used on the unicorn must be biodegradable. Along with the letter, the agency also sent a stuffed unicorn toy. The adorable interaction has spread across social media and Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control says it has brought them much needed joy.

Image via Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control

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