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Firefighter’s Adoption Story

A firefighter working in Ocala, Florida, jumped into action when he heard the alarm go off for the Safe Haven Baby Box outside the fire station. The box is an anonymous drop-off site for individuals to place babies who they cannot take care of. The firefighter opened the box to see a smiling little girl wrapped in a pink blanket, and he immediately fell in love with her. Safe Haven Baby Box’s protocol requires officials to bring the babies directly to a hospital, and the firefighter knew en route that he wanted to adopt the adorable newborn. Before leaving her in the hospital, the firefighter attached a letter to her blanket explaining that he and his wife had been trying for a baby for a decade and were already registered to adopt in Florida. Only two days later, the firefighter and his wife got a call that they were cleared to take the baby girl home to start the adoption process. Now, baby Zoey has been officially adopted and her new family is over the moon to have her home.

Image via Good News Network

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