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Dog’s Disc Scouting Skills

Daisy is a 4-year-old Labrador Retriever who has a special knack for fetch. The pup goes on daily walks through Grand Vue Park in West Virginia, oftentimes wandering away from her owner to pick up discs on the park’s golf course. Over the past three years, Daisy has retrieved over 155 golf discs from around the park. Grand Vue Park got word of Daisy’s talent locating lost discs, and decided to team up with the dog to form an initiative called Daisy’s Discs. If Daisy finds a disc with someone’s name on it, the person is contacted to pick up their disc and given the opportunity to donate to the Marshall County Animal Rescue League. If the disc has no name and no one comes to claim it, the park sells them and puts the money back into maintaining the park grounds. Thanks to Daisy’s skills, the park and local shelter have a new source of income.

Image via WTRF

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