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Backyard Recycling Project

A mom in England is on a mission to make her community more eco-friendly. Upon learning that she wasn’t able to recycle her baby’s food pouches, Liz Pinfield-Wells decided to take matters into her own hands. She set up a recycling dropoff center in her backyard garden shed, where Shropshire residents can drop off recyclable items that aren’t accepted by the city’s recycling program. Once a month, Pinfield-Wells sends the collection to TerraCycle, a company that turns recyclable items into plastic pellets that can be used to build new items. The weight of her haul is also converted into cash that she can donate to a charity of her choice. Since starting the program, Pinfield-Wells has recycled over 2,000 pounds of items and has donated funds to a community garden and her daughter’s gymnastics team.

Image via SWNS

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