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A.I. Detects Breast Cancer

Hospitals in Hungary have started using A.I. technology in breast cancer screenings to detect cancerous signs that doctors miss. Clinical trials are required before the software becomes more widely available, but the technology has impressive potential. Studies show that the A.I. detects cancer at least as well as human radiologists, if not better. The A.I. can pick up on small, possibly cancerous spots in screenings that radiologists may not be able to see. It examines the growth’s shape, density, and location to give doctors the information they need to perform a biopsy. A clinic in Hungary increased their cancer detection rate by 13% when utilizing the A.I. software, and it also cuts down the workload of radiologists, allowing them to see more patients. The A.I. developers hope to bring the breakthrough technology to hospitals around the world to save as many lives as possible.

Image via Akos Stiller / New York Times

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