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Alligator Finds New Home

An 8-foot alligator named Tewa was discovered by the Texas Game Wardens on a residential property in Central Texas. Tewa had been stolen from the Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo in New Braunfels 20 years prior, when the alligator was an egg. The egg was snatched by a previous zoo volunteer, who took the animal back to their property to raise as a pet. The anonymous alligator thief was given citations and fines for the crime. After decades of wondering what happened to the missing alligator egg, zoo workers welcomed Tewa back to her original home. Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo staff say that Tewa is adjusting well to her new habitat and gets along with the other alligators. The zoo is thankful to have their alligator back and will provide Tewa with a safe habitat for the rest of her life.

Image via Texas Game Wardens

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