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Young Musical Genius

When 11-year Jude Nyame Yie Kofie found an old keyboard in his family’s basement, he decided to surprise his dad with a performance, despite having no training. Jude’s father was shocked to hear the youngster’s talent that seemingly appeared overnight, and decided to take a video of Jude playing. A local news station in Denver got ahold of the video and shared it on TV, generating an outpouring of support for Jude, who is autistic and has faced various struggles. A piano technician, Bill Magnusson, saw Jude’s video on the news and it stopped him in his tracks. He immediately got in contact with Jude’s family and decided to give him a grand piano to practice on. Magnusson thinks Jude has the potential to be the next Mozart, and said that the grand piano is a donation to all the people who will benefit from hearing Jude’s music for decades to come. Watch his performance here!

Image via WPTV

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