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Vietnam Vet Meets Pen-Pal

When Col. Ned Felder was on the front lines in Vietnam, he was surprised to receive a care package from 12-year-old Kristina Olson from Michigan. Olson had been sending gifts to soldiers fighting in the Vietnam War, but 30-year-old Felder was the first person to send her a thank you response letter. The two sent letters and gifts back and forth, sharing stories about their wildly different lives and sparking an unlikely friendship. The pair lost touch after about a decade of writing to each other. Felder was back home serving as a judge, and Olson moved to New York City to start a fashion career. 50 years after their initial exchange, Olson decided to reach back out to now 86-year-old Felder to see how he was doing. Felder was delighted to hear from his old friend, and invited her to spend Veteran’s Day this year with his family in South Carolina. Olson and Felder met in person for the very first time at a SC State football game, where they shared laughs, tears, and made plans to see each other again soon. 

Image via The Washington Post

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