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6-Year-Old Genius

Declan Lopez looks similar to fellow 6-year-olds on paper— she loves unicorns, dreams of becoming a famous singer, and plays soccer. What sets Lopez apart, however, is that she is the youngest member of the high IQ club Mensa. Lopez’s parents knew their daughter was gifted when she passed developmental markers far earlier than expected, and even started speaking Mandarin at 18 months old. The New Jersey kindergartener now trades stocks, studies atomic weights of elements on the periodic table, and does science experiments with her 3-year-old brother Maddox. Lopez’s teachers and parents had her IQ tested earlier this year, and she placed in the 99th percentile with a score of 137. The highly intelligent youngster takes time after school each day to deep-dive into a new subject, and her family is doing everything they can to support her eagerness to learn. 

Image via CNN

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