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Tech Fairy Gives Back

Craig Clark, a computer technician, has been dubbed the “Tech Fairy” for his work giving away computers to people in need. The Florida native uses the site Next Door to connect with individuals who have broken computers that they don’t use anymore. Clark picks up the computers, fixes them up, and gives them away to others. So far, he’s given away over 430 computers. Clark finds his computer recipients by happenstance, oftentimes by striking up a conversation with strangers in the aisle of a grocery store or at a gas station. For example, he gave one to a single mother who needed a laptop to help her kids with their homework, one to a McDonalds employee who was studying on a cellphone, and one to a Vietnam veteran who couldn’t afford a computer of his own. Clark hopes to inspire people in other areas to become “Tech Fairies” and give back to those in need of a kind gesture.

Image via USA Today

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