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Funding Travel with Gemstones

Last year, Liz and Steve Evans decided to pull their two children, Amelia and Henry, out of school to embark on a family adventure across Australia. The Evans family had always dreamed of becoming full-time travelers, but weren’t sure how they would make ends meet while on the road. They’ve turned to a unique hobby to fund their journey: fossicking and selling gemstones. Steve Evans set up a Facebook page where the family is selling gems and posting their tips and tricks for locating them. The Central Highlands area in Australia is one of the most sapphire-rich parts of the world, and the Evans have mastered the process of digging up sapphires, examining the wash, grading, and cutting them. Little Amelia and Henry have become master fossickers in the process, and now have their own collection of gems to remember their family’s adventure by.

Image via ABC Capricornia Inga Stunzer


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