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Protecting the World’s Tallest Tree

Amid the Redwood National Park in California lies the tallest tree in the world. The redwood tree, which is named Hyperion, is 380 ft tall with a 13 ft trunk diameter. Environmentalists are cracking down on protecting Hyperion and have instituted various new rules to keep the gorgeous piece of nature alive. Though park visitors have been allowed to hike to Hyperion since its discovery in 2006, there is now a visitation ban that comes with a harsh punishment: up to six months in jail and $5,000 fine. Previous visitors damaged the area around the landmark with trash and manmade trails, but park officials are hopeful that the waste will end with the implementation of new restrictions. When California wildfires spread anywhere near Hyperion, the tree is wrapped in an aluminum-based burn resistant material to protect it from destruction. Some park visitors may be disappointed that they can’t see the tree up-close, but the restrictions are the best plan of action for keeping Hyperion alive and well.

Image via Shuttershock

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