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$6 Million Skeleton

An anonymous individual purchased a $6 million Gorgosaurus skeleton from a recent Sotheby’s auction. The newfound owner of the huge dinosaur’s bones will also have the chance to name it. This Gorgosaurus fossil was found in Montana in 2018 and is composed of 79 bones. Gorgosaurus dinosaurs were once a relative of the T-Rex and have similar distinctive characteristics: a large head, small front limbs, and tons of sharp teeth. This particular skeleton is the only one of its kind to be available for private ownership. Some paleontologists find it unethical to auction dinosaur bones and think they should only be used for scientific study, while others think it’s an opportunity for well-preserved fossils to be on display for more people to enjoy. What do you think the prehistoric creature should be named?

Image via Sotheby’s

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