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Prehistoric Ivory Lady Skeleton

A prehistoric tomb previously known as the Ivory Man included a skeleton that had been buried with an elephant tusk, an ivory comb, a crystal dagger, an ostrich egg, and an amber dagger— clear signs that the skeleton was a wealthy person of importance. New molecular analysis of the skeleton shows that the Ivory Man is actually the Ivory Lady. Researchers were shocked at the findings, and they have since questioned everything they knew about the discovery site in Seville, Spain and broader gender norms in prehistoric society. Ivory Lady researchers now believe that she was a revered member of society in the Iberian Copper Age, a time when hierarchy first emerged. They believe that she reached her high-ranking position on her own merit, not via birthright, and was a well traveled and influential woman. The Ivory Lady shows that there is still much to learn about prehistoric life, and that our current understanding of women’s role in society may have been vastly underestimated.

Image via CNN

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