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Memories Return to Dementia Patient

Albert Gibbs spent 25 years of his professional career as a paramedic in East London, and it was the greatest passion in his life. The now 98-year-old suffers from dementia and has unfortunately forgotten most of the details from his past. As a special surprise, two paramedics showed up at Gibbs’ care facility donning the 1960s gray uniforms that he wore back in the day and driving a retro ambulance. Memories came flooding back to Gibbs, who remarked that he used to wear the same uniform. Gibbs shared stories about patients that he helped back in the day— like a person who fell under a train and babies he delivered. Memories can be triggered by visual and sensory cues, which is an especially beneficial tool for dementia patients like Gibbs. Gibbs’ family was emotional hearing the great-grandfather recount memories from the joyous time in his life, all thanks to the help of kind paramedics.

Image via SWNS

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