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Lost Wedding Ring Discovery

A local resident swimming in the Penticton channel, a river in British Columbia, came across a wedding ring in the water. The ring was inscribed with “NOEL LOVES STEPHANIE”, and the discoverer immediately turned the heirloom over to the police so it could be returned to its rightful owner. The Penticton Royal Canadian Mounted Police posted a couple articles about the ring online, one of which Stephanie’s father read. He sent the article to Noel and Stephanie, who were shocked that their wedding ring had been found 17 years after it went missing and was still in great shape. Noel’s ring slipped off his finger while on a river tubing trip with friends in 2005. After searching in the water, he was sure that they’d never see the ring again. Thanks to a good samaritan, Noel has his ring back just in time for his 20th wedding anniversary with Stephanie.

Image via Noel Nissen

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